How To Shop Basquet 101

How To Shop Basquet 101

Food labels are long, and confusing, and misleading, and just about a thousand different “ands.” 

It shouldn’t take a dictionary or a master's degree to go to the grocery store, but the truth is that more often than not, it can feel that way. What was supposed to be a quick trip in and out turns into an hour-long scavenger hunt through the endless assortment of aisles. Standing in front of the cases of oat milk, you stare at your phone, waiting for it to load with search results for the ten different ingredients you just typed in. You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and at the point of surrender, so defeatedly you open Postmates….for the fourth time this week. 

At Basquet, we are firm believers that food should not only nourish us, but it should also spark joy within us. We also believe that this joy should be reflected in the entire culinary experience: eating, cooking, and grocery shopping. When you are picking out ingredients for the week ahead, you should feel inspired by all the possibilities before you. It should be a form of creative expression, no matter what your level of expertise is in the kitchen. And it was with this very philosophy in mind that Basquet was created. To be everything that a shopping experience should be, instead of everything that it shouldn’t. At Basquet you can trust that every single product has been carefully selected to have an ingredient list you can actually understand - one that consists of real food, free of processed additives and complex jargon. The best part? You can always find exactly what you’re looking for with Basquet’s unique filtering system that sorts products by allergen, facility, lifestyle, or all of the above. 

So, listen up because class is now officially in session. Let’s take a crash course on how to shop Basquet so that you can discover worry-free ingredients to rekindle your culinary spark.

How To Shop Basquet 101

Shop by Category: When you walk into the grocery store, one of the most overwhelming aspects can be not knowing where everything is located. On Basquet, you can shop by beverages, supplements, pantry, or snack items all within the click of a button. No more time aimlessly wandering the same aisles looking for pasta sauce? Yes please! 

Shop by Allergen: Basquet was founded with the mission of bringing allergen-friendly foods straight to you. We do the heavy lifting of going through the ingredient list, so you can sit back and trust that what you’re buying is 100% allergen friendly. Filter by a specific allergen, or filter by the top 9 or top 8 most common allergens all at once. Curious what the top 9 most common allergens are? Milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and sesame. 

Shop by Facility: There is nothing more important than properly understanding the extent and severity of an allergy. We know that there are many situations where products need to be prepared in an allergen-free facility to ensure your safety. With Basquet you can shop with peace of mind, and filter by-products that were made in extensively screened allergen-free facilities. If the risk of cross-contamination is a concern in your life or in the life of someone you’re shopping for, please be sure to check off this filter!

Shop by Lifestyle: Maybe you don’t have an allergy, but you do have certain dietary habits that are an important part of your life. We get that, and want to make sure that you can easily find the ingredients that fit your needs! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, kosher, or more, on Basquet, you can shop for products that perfectly align with your lifestyle. 

Shop by Brand: Is there a brand you already know you love? Then go for it! Like a best friend, it’ll be there waiting for you. Filter by a brand to shop for your favorites, or explore to discover something new. We are constantly onboarding new & niche brands that meet our values.


So there you have it, you’ve passed the class! Shop Basquet by one filter, or mix and match filters to find your perfect grocery list, always stress-free. 


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About the Author: Andreina Pardey.

Andreina is the lead blog contributor at Basquet. She is a storyteller at heart, passionate about understanding people and the things that connect them. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring new restaurants, listening to live music, or at her favorite bookstore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.