We are happy to offer classic gluten free lasagna noodles. In Italy the flat lasagna noodle is preferred over the wavy version. Our classic lasagna noodles are crafted in Italy using time-honored production methods. Our master pasta artisans use bronze dies and slow drying to create award-winning taste and texture. Jovial brown rice lasagna is as close to traditional as gluten free can be.

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Organic Brown Rice Flour, Water



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100% Gluten Free Brown Rice Lasagna

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Our mission at jovial is to provide delicious foods for all, no matter your dietary restrictions.

We believe that nobody should have to miss out on foods like pasta. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor in order to eat gluten free! Make all your favorite pasta dishes with our variety of artisan gluten free pasta options. Our pasta is made in Tuscany, where we press the pasta through bronze dies for a coarse texture, adhering to traditional methods our pasta artisans have been using for generations. This allows sauces and oils to better grip or coat the pasta. We also slow dry the pasta at a low temperature for superior flavor. We know that this attention to detail and these Old World techniques preserve quality and superior taste and texture.
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