Contains two whole servings of fruit, in the form of one mango, one apple, and absolutely nothing else. Ingredients have never been this simple and clean. That's it.

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Apples, Mangoes.



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Thats it

Apple + Mango Fruit Bar Box of 12

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Here at That's it we're dedicated to making healthy fruit bars and snacks that contain real plant-based ingredients.

We only use natural, non-GMO fruit in our goal to make eating healthy snacks easy and stress-free. Our products are Non-GMO, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and free from contamination from the top 12 food allergen groups. We are Paleo certified and Whole30 compliant. Our products have 6 or fewer ingredients because we like to keep things simple. No washing, cutting or peeling required. Plus, we don’t add any preservatives, colors, or added sugars through purees, concentrates, and juices.
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