Enjoy hassle-free nutrition with organic greens from both land and sea, alongside a refreshing orange flavor.

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Our Delicious Certified Usda Organic Greens Powder Is Made From Over 20 Veggies, Grasses, Herbs, Algae And Superfoods, Helping You Get The Greens You Need And Perfect For Sneaking Extra Nutrients To Kids And Picky Eaters! Adding More Veggies And Greens To Your Diet Can Help Counteract Acidosis And Preserve Bone, Muscle, And Tissues. Includes Triphala, An Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation That Aids In Digestion, Internal Cleansing And Is A Powerful Antioxidant; And Ashwagandha, Which Boosts The Immune System, Supports Stress Relief, And Increases Focus While Decreasing Fatigue. Our Carefully Crafted Delicious Citrus Flavor Comes From Organic Fruit And Prebiotics, With No Added Sugar, Filler Ingredients, Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners Or Preservatives



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How to Use

Take your greens any time of day. Simply add one scoop to chilled water (we find 8-12 oz works best) and give it a good shake to dissolve. You can also blend one scoop into your regular smoothie or favorite juice, or make a super-green pesto for your pasta! Tip: Easy Being Green tastes delicious mixed with Trust Your Gut (our probiotic powder) or Break it Down (our digestive enzymes powder)!

Ora Organics

Easy Being Green Organic Greens Powder

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The ultimate plant-forward nutrition experience. Transform your health through the power of plants with Ora Organic.

We created Ora Organic out of a love for quality nutrition, ethical sourcing, and helping others be well. We’re all doing our best to be healthy, and while diet, exercise, and routine, are at the core of health, supplements can make a difference too.
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