From our kitchen to yours, Otto’s is proud to offer this Ultimate Cookie Mix that is free from gluten and grains, but tastes just like traditional cookies.

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Organic Cassava Flour, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Cane Sugar, Baking Soda, Sea Salt



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How to Use

We provide the Top 8 allergen free base and you choose whether you'll use traditional butter and eggs, or plant based alternatives. You also get to choose what add-ins to use. Create classics like chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, or peanut butter. Or throw whatever you've got in your cupboard and make Kitchen Sink cookies (think pretzel bits and chocolate gems!). Bare cupboard? No worries. No mix-ins = Brown Sugar Cookies!

Otto's Naturals

Grain-Free Ultimate Cookie Mix

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Otto's Naturals. Multi-purpose Cassava flour makes Grain-Free Baking EASY.

It all started with our game-changing, single-ingredient, Top 8 Allergen Free cassava flour. Now we have a line of baking mixes that are completely grain-free and allergy friendly, yet so good the whole family can enjoy - without worry. We want to make things easy for moms in the modern family, where multiple allergies are the norm. With Otto's there's no need to sacrifice traditions and no need to make separate meals for different family members. Our goal is to bring comfort food back to the table for all, proving allergy friendly foods can taste just as good as their traditional counterparts!
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