We're making life sweeter! Swap out your everyday sweetener and go steady with Joolies 100% organic medjool date syrup. The only ingredient: organic medjool dates.

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Organic Medjool Dates



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Use cinnamon date syrup in coffee, sugar swaps in recipes or sauces, on pancakes, waffles or icecream- sweeten anything!


Organic Date Syrup

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Joolies brings delicious, organic medjool dates from our farm to you as a delicious, healthy on-the-go option for snackers everywhere.

Medjool dates, also known as the king of dates, are a great source of energy, have a low glycemic index, and are full of beneficial nutrients. Best of all, they are as natural as possible -- handpicked from the tree and carefully packed. A joint partnership between the Kohl family farm and Venice Brands, Joolies is on a mission to share the nutritious goodness of our organic medjool dates grown in the sunny Coachella Valley of Southern California.
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