Regular baking dyes come from coal and other nasties, but our cleaned-up colors come from hyper-concentrated veggies and spices. Safe for use in human treats, dog treats, bath bombs, homemade cosmetics, slime, and more, our natural hues are the most vibrant, concentrated natural colors on the shelf.

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Pomegranate: Vegetable Juice And Beta Carotene; Yellow: Beta Carotene; Orange: Beta Carotene; Magic Blackberry: Vegetable Juice



Please note that safety is our main priority. We require all brand partners to participate in recurrent verification processes to confirm existing information and actively report any updates to ingredients and/or production facilities. Please be sure to double check for certifications that satisfy your requirements, and read the product’s label when you receive it, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How to Use

For vibrant, fully saturated shades, follow three simple steps: 1. Bloom: Add 1-2 tsp water to a small bowl. Sprinkle color over water; let stand for 2 minutes. 2. Mix: With your spoon or fork, blend color and water until fully dissolved. If needed, add a little more water. 3. Color: After dissolving, each packet vibrantly colors up to two cups of frosting or a single batch of cake or cookie batter. For softer tones, add color drop by drop, working your way to desired shade.


Plant Based Food Colors

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Supernatural makes healthier baking ingredients for creative chefs, like natural sprinkles, plant-based food colors, vegan rainbow chocolate chips and more.

Supernatural makes cleaned-up versions of your favorite sprinkles, food colors and more. We use colors from plants, coconut oil, and other healthier choices to create baking products that are vibrant, vegan, allergy-friendly and safe for all your friends (including furry ones). We like to think of ourselves as an edible art supplies company, and we're on a mission to help creative chefs shine.Supernatural was founded in 2017, is based in NYC, and is female founded and led.
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