LAFAZA Pure Madagascar Organic Vanilla Extract is made from our signature blend of organic certified Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, using a slow extraction process that brings out the deep flavor notes and rich aroma of this forest-grown vanilla. Our organic vanilla extract has a full-bodied, creamy, and rich flavor. Its unique flavor profile is the result of using the highest quality vanilla beans available in Madagascar. It’s a perfect addition to both sweet and savory dishes alike.

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Water, Organic Alcohol (35%), Madagascar Bourban Vanilla Bean Exctractives



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La Faza

Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract

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La Faza, the most direct source of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla & other premium spices.

LAFAZA is the Malagasy name for a beautiful palm tree that grows alongside vanilla in and around the lush tropical forests of Madagascar. We're a direct-trade producer of Organic Bourbon Vanilla and other premium worldly spices. We work hard to promote sustainability through agroforestry, which leverages natural processes to protect biodiversity, water quality, and soil health.
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