Hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, our unique heirloom Rosa-variety mangos are native to Nicaragua. Grown by smallholder farmers, these sweet and juicy mangos are dried in small batches in solar dehydrators for the perfect nutritious snack.

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Regenerative Organic Certifiedt Mango



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Sol Simple

Regenerative Organic Certified Dried Mango

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We know our farmers by name and can trace back to where every morsel of fruit comes from. Grown in Nicaragua, our organic Sol Simple dried fruit is an energy-packed, delicious snack.

Grown in the nutrient-dense volcanic soil of Nicaragua, our dried fruit is an energy-packed, delicious snack made from heirloom fruit varieties only found in Central America. Our fruit is also the first in the world to be regenerative organic certified, a rigorous standard that considers soil health, farmer livelihoods, and animal welfare
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