A simple cracker that’s anything but basic. Perfect for dipping and snacking, these sensational snacks have a zing of tang that complements any food or occasion. Savory, sweet, emergency hangry rations - this cracker can do it all!

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ORGANIC WHEAT FLOUR ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL ORGANIC SOURDOUGH (fermented organic rye flour, salt) SEA SALT LACTIC ACID BAKING SODA ORGANIC SPICE BLEND (organic rosemary, organic garlic, organic onion, organic oregano) ORGANIC YEAST EXTRACT



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Dip into your favorite spreads, enjoy alone, or top with anything you wish!


Rosemary Garlic Climate Friendly Crackers

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At Moonshot, we make crazy delicious snacks. The difference is, with each bite of our crackers, you’re taking part in a movement that’s taking a bite out of climate change. Talk about guilt-free snacking!

Moonshot is on a mission! We want to give everyone the power and resources to be a climate-friendly eater or, as we like to say, a Climatarian. It can be difficult to discover new ways of doing things -- especially growing food -- but we need to adapt and evolve to save our planet. We don’t have all of the answers, but with our climate-friendly snacks, we are excited to show what is possible. We want the world to say, “hey, if Moonshot can do it, why isn’t everyone doing it?” That’s our goal. Thanks for joining us.
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