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Picture this: a world in which groceries are made stress-free. We envisioned a realm in which ingredient transparency is no longer far out of reach, but rather at an arm’s length. Or, in our case, a click away. With Basquet, you can have your allergen-friendly cake and eat it, too.


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Raaka makes unroasted dark chocolate from scratch, with traceable, high quality, and transparently traded single origin cacao, crafted into something uncommonly delicious. Shop our collection of sweet treats to surprise and delight your loved ones this Easter.

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Our Values

Transparency. Responsibility. Compassion. Empowerment. These are the primary pillars behind our “why”. We aim to cultivate an all-diets, all-specifications friendly one-stop shop. We shy away from “picky-eater” accusations, and celebrate accessibility to allergen-friendly eating. By granting more accessibility to accommodations, we aim to shift the negative narrative and connotation behind food substitutions, and rather toast to their existence. Treat yourself with no remorse.

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