Holiday Baking With Basquet


Whenever we envision the perfect holiday season, it is always embodied by one simple, four-letter word: cozy. While we love all the glitter and excitement of holiday celebrations, the truth is that it is often the slower, more intimate moments that fill us with warmth and bring us back home. Reading a favorite book next to the glow of the fireplace, bundling up in cozy socks and sweaters, enjoying a warm beverage in a special mug, watching movies, playing board games, filling every corner of a room with twinkling lights - these and many more are the moments that we dream of each holiday season. Similar to the Danish concept of hygge, we love anything that warms our souls and creates space for rest. However, if there’s one activity that accomplishes this goal above all else, then it’s most definitely baking. In a world where most things are ready instantaneously, there is something so natural about slowing down to make something with your hands. Watching the dough slowly rise in the oven as your kitchen becomes laced with sweet spices and aromas, baking is an art form in the purest sense of the word. Yet a lot of times we believe that if we don’t have a natural inclination for the culinary realm, then we better just stick to the world of store-bought. This is not true! You don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to enjoy the process of baking something special. No matter how simple or complex your creations are, there is still joy to be found in making something you love. If you’re a beginner or if you’re just looking for some extra inspiration, here at Basquet, we have a heavenly selection of baking mixes and ingredients that will make you feel like an absolute natural. Browse our top picks, roll up your sleeves, and get started - the kitchen awaits!  

Holiday Baking Products: 

  1. Partake Holiday Sprinkle Cookies: These vanilla holiday sprinkle cookies from Partake are absolutely to die for. Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, these cookies are filled with red and green sprinkles that will ring in the holiday spirit with each bite! 

  1. GoNanas Salted Caramel Banana Bread Mix: Made with vegan butterscotch chips, this salted caramel banana bread mix is everything that the perfect banana bread should be. Enjoy with a cup of coffee for the ultimate treat! 

  1. Sweet Laurel Chocolate Cake Mix: Sweet Laurel’s chocolate cake is every chocolate lover’s dream! Rich and decadent with just the right amount of sweetness, this is one that will be sure to impress. Pair with some chocolate icing or some powdered sugar and you’ll be set! 

  1. Partake Brownie Mix: Anyone in favor of chocolatey, warm, melt in your mouth goodness? We certainly are! Partake’s brownie mix has the perfect amount of fudginess inside each bite. Once you try them, you’ll never be able to go back! 

  1. Otherworld Apple Cinnamon Pancake & Waffle Mix Otherworld’s apple cinnamon pancake & waffle mix are the perfect way to start your mornings during the holidays. Not only are they filled with apples and cinnamon, but they are also balanced with whole grains, sweet potatoes, and dates. So delicious and so filling! 

  1. Oat Haus Vanilla Granola Butter: This vanilla-flavored granola butter will take anything you eat to the next level! Top on any of your favorite baked goods, or enjoy it with some apples for a simple afternoon snack. 

  1. Yumearth Mini Candy Canes: Is it ever truly the holidays without a hint (or a lot) of peppermint? Yumearth’s mini candy canes are perfect as a topping on your favorite dessert, on crafts, or simply with a cup of hot chocolate. 

  1. Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract: Vanilla extract is a staple in any baker’s toolkit. If you’re looking for a recommendation that’s insanely aromatic, full-bodied, and rich then check out La Faza’s pure Madagascar vanilla extract! 

  1. Snowfall Confetti Sprinkles: Just because you live somewhere warm, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and add a little bit of frost to your day! Sprinkle these snowfall confetti sprinkles from Supernatural on your holiday treats for a mini winter wonderland.

  1. Enjoy Life-Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips: In our opinion, chocolate chips are a necessity in basically any and every dessert. These mini semi-sweet chocolate chips from Enjoy Life are so good that you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating them straight out of the bag! 


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