We believe in creating a caring, equitable, and worry-free grocery shopping experience. One snack at a time.

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Who We Are

We get it. We understand the struggle of finding desirable foods which meet dietary needs or preferences. We’ve lived through scouring the internet for substitutes and wandering aisles looking for something suitable. Basquet was created from the desire to deliver you from food worry, and deliver your favorite foods straight to you. We’ll bring that to the table. The question is, what do you want served?

About Us

We take what we do very seriously. With so many confounding labels and processed options on the market, we believe in the importance of health and proper nutrition. Feeling lost at the lack of opportunity, we have found ourselves at the intersection of business, health, and accessibility. Through our community and own years of lived experiences, we know the struggles. And with no one alleviating them, we stepped up to the plate. Literally.

We Believe Trust in Food Should be a Right

Our mission is to create an abundant ecosystem of food and products that meets the highest standards of allergen-friendly production, making access to trustworthy alternatives and a greater depth of choice more achievable than before

Our Values

Transparency. Responsibility. Compassion. Empowerment. These are the primary pillars behind our “why”. We aim to cultivate an all-diets, all-specifications friendly one-stop shop. We shy away from “picky-eater” accusations, and celebrate accessibility to allergen-friendly eating. By granting more accessibility to accommodations, we aim to shift the negative narrative and connotation behind food substitutions, and rather toast to their existence. Treat yourself with no remorse.

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