How To Throw The Ultimate Friendsgiving Party


Here at Basquet, we take Friendsgiving very seriously. Don’t get us wrong, Thanksgiving is great too. But there’s just something so special about sitting around a crowded table with your closest pals - the people who aren’t tied to you by family lines, but freely choose to stick by your side anyway. The people who have seen you in both your darkness and in your light. The people that love you for all that you are, imperfections included. 

If there’s anything we have collectively learned in the past two years, it is the importance of connection. Not only is it necessary for our physical and emotional health, but it nourishes the very essence of who we are. Even the most beautiful things in life are reduced to very little when they are experienced alone. People matter. Relationships matter. Community matters. At the end of the day, we may have other regrets, but pouring into others is never going to be one of them. So take this Friendsgiving as an opportunity to tell your friends that they matter to you, that you are grateful for them, and that they are loved. 

Want to host Friendsgiving this year, but don’t know how to start? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for the ultimate hosting playbook: 

Food: The menu is arguably the most important part of any Friendsgiving celebration. Whether you stick to the classics or get creative, this is likely the part that gets your friends (and us) most excited. Keep it simple by telling everyone to bring their favorite dish or send out a sign up list. Still need some inspiration? Browse some picks that we have been craving this year: 

Appetizers: Is it really Friendsgiving without appetizers? Check out this amazing 

cranberry pecan baked brie, this stunning charcuterie board, or these super snack worthy cinnamon apple crisps

Main course: For the main event, you can go with a classic turkey or you can spice things up with this brown butter pumpkin tortellini. As for sides, the possibilities are endless! We suggest a baked vegan mac and cheese, some garlic roasted green beans, a harvest salad, and sourdough rolls

Dessert: If there was ever a place to indulge then it’s most definitely the dessert bar. 

Lately, we’ve been eyeing this decadent vegan pumpkin cheesecake or this super simple apple crumble

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Activities: If you really want to make Friendsgiving extra memorable, we always think it’s fun to throw in a few activities. A kraft paper tablecloth and some pens is a super easy way for your guests to write down all the things that they’re thankful for during meal time. We’re also big fans of conversation games like the We’re Not Really Strangers Friendship Edition. Looking to get even more festive? Consider setting up a photo booth station with these Thanksgiving props and some disposable cameras. After the party, get the film developed for a cute memento to share with everyone! 

Decor: There are so many easy ways to make Friendsgiving feel cozy and festive! Check out this balloon arrangement if you are looking to add some warmth and color to your space. We’ve also been loving this foliage garland as a statement piece for the buffet table, and these paper plates that look way too cute to toss! 

Playlist: No party is complete without the ultimate soundtrack to accompany it. Throw on our Friendsgiving Mix and you’ll be good to go! 


You’re all set for the perfect Friendsgiving celebration! Make sure to tag us, so that we can join in on all the fun. And from our table to yours, happy feasting! 

About the Author: Andreina Pardey.

Andreina is the lead blog contributor at Basquet. She is a storyteller at heart, passionate about understanding people and the things that connect them. When she’s not writing, you can find her exploring new restaurants, listening to live music, or at her favorite bookstore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.