Sustainability & Responsibility

At Basquet, transparency and responsibility goes beyond the products we sell and by introducing this business into the saturated food delivery industry, we aim to do something of substance.

We feel a need to not only nurture our bodies, but nurture the world we live in. That’s why waste elimination is a core focus of ours, from food waste to commercial and industrial waste.

Carbon Offseting with EcoCart

We will never make promises we can’t keep, or make big claims that we can’t live up to. Eliminating all environmental impact is not always possible. However, we do the best we can with each Basquet we pack and ship.

We believe in a balanced lifestyle, and a balanced business model. We work actively to diminish our carbon footprint, while always looking for better approaches and practices.

We’ve partnered with EcoCart, allowing our customers an easy and accessible way to offset the carbon footprint of their respective orders with one click at checkout. Easy, peasy, organic lemon squeezy.

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is still a prominent issue not only worldwide, but notable within the margins of our own country. Approximately 38 million people, to be exact.

Basquet customers can partake in diminishing food insecurity, as well. Our return policy is what we’d like to call a win-win. Customers who received a defective order  (ex: missing item, wrong item) are encouraged to donate the Basquet at their nearest food bank to receive Basquet extra credit! Please visit to locate your nearest food bank according to your zip code.

How to Dispose