You think you don't like dark chocolate - try our very mild tasting, organic vegan baking chips. A forever crush and a family favorite.

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Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chocolate Liquor And Organic Cocoa Butter (Vegan)



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Great for any recipe that calls for chocolate chips.


55% Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

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Pascha. Wait. Seriously? A Chocolate Fix that's actually GOOD for me (Pinch Me!)

OK, so we all know that a “chocolate fix” is a necessary little escape from your busy day, your crazy world – a moment of sanctuary, peace and happiness. But with most chocolate, what you’re actually getting is a SUGAR RUSH. That combination of sugar + fat that the traditional chocolate industry knows keeps you addicted (and feeling kind of awful / guilty afterwards.) NO MORE! The Pascha “MIND. BODY. CHOCOLATE FIX” comes from the complex (and magical!) impact of the many compounds in the cocoa bean. It makes you feel energized (not buzzy) and ACTUALLY impacts your mood. It may also reduce stress, and be good for your heart, and act as an anti-oxidant. The purer the chocolate, the greater the impact. It’s SCIENCE! Plus maximum deliciousness. For all these reasons, we like to think of the Pascha chocolate fix as a moment of excellent self-care.
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