Nestle this crispy little croissant under your arm and be prepared to receive some major compliments, you'll think they're trying to butter you up but we promise is all sincere ;) All of our bags are upcycled from pre-loved or vintage handbags and then hand-painted with our signature Panache carbs.


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Croissant Handpainted Pre-loved Purse - Red

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Everyone needs a little Panache in their closet!

Panache is a celebration of you. It’s about owning your style, and never being afraid to try something new. Our bread and butter is creating statement pieces to make you stand out. By adding some panache to vintage and pre-loved pieces, we rewrite their stories so they can help you tell yours. These conversation starters are designed to demand attention, because we believe it’s not about finding your spotlight, it’s about carrying it with you. After all, what you wear can transform your whole day, and if you don’t believe an outfit can change everything, that just means you haven’t found the right one yet. Let us help you with that. Because everyone needs a little Panache in their closet!
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