Meet your new favorite nightcap. Blueberry and lavender envelop the senses, bringing with them two nervines commonly found in bedtime teas; skullcap & valerian. Both have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and improve the ability to fall asleep and dream the night away. Dream has less bubbles for better sleep.

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Carbonated water, organic blueberry flavor, organic skullcap extract, citric acid, organic lavender extract, valerian extract, vegetable juice for color


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Dream- Rest, Restore, Dream

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Expect more from your sparking water.

What makes élevé different? Full serving of adaptogens in each can, organic flavors vs. "natural flavors", lower carbonation (goodbye bloating!), zero sugar or sweeteners of any kind, beautiful hues from vegetable extracts and the adaptogens themselves.
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