Jordan Rondel aka The Caker has completely reinvented the traditional baking mix. The quality of the chocolate in this cake kit is the key to its glorious richness, so inside this kit you'll find the exact same chocolate The Caker has used in her bakeries to make this recipe for 12 years. The cake is fudgey, almost brownie-like and will cure any chocolate craving. It comes with a sheet of edible 24k gold leaf, which gets delicately pressed onto the top of the cake to make it even more lavish. The Kit Includes: 1 x Couverture Chocolate Pieces, 1 x Chocolate Cake Mix, 1 x 24k Edible Gold Leaf, 1 x Non-Stick Liner, 1 x Instruction Card.

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Callebaut® Chocolate Callets (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), Organic Cane Sugar, Blanched Almond Meal, Dutch Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Edible Gold Leaf.



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To make the cake you will only need butter and eggs.

The Caker

Flourless Dark Chocolate Gold Leaf Cake Kit

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My style of cake celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of home baking.

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but my obsession for baking was born from spending my holidays in Paris with my grandparents. In 2010 when I was 21 I made a life-changing decision - I turned my passion into a career and officially became The Caker. It started out as custom cake shop… But my style started turning heads and not long after opening orders, I was approached with my first recipe book deal. I then started converting some of my favorite recipes from the bakery into DIY cake kits, and that’s when The Caker was set to be more than just a local bakery and actually become global cake brand. In 2019 I moved to Los Angeles to expand The Caker into the USA and beyond. Being completely self taught, I learnt how to push the boundaries and developed a signature baking style. My cakes are super moist, fudgey, and bursting with flavor. I develop recipes based on the type of desserts I personally love to eat. They’re the polar opposite of sponge cakes covered with fondant and themed designs. I shamelessly value taste over looks (which is unusually in my industry) and I’m known for never compromising on the quality of ingredients I use, and come up with wacky combinations, using flavors you might not expect to find in a sweet setting.
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