A remote teahouse sits solo along the banks of river Kamo. Inside, a ceremonious act transpires and warmth gives rise to a state of Zen. A mode of being is discovered. Shortbread butter cookies with rich matcha green tea and toasted black sesame seeds.

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Enriched flour, butter, sugar, black sesame seeds, vanilla extract, matcha powder, natural flavor, salt.


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Makabi & Sons

Matcha Toasted Black Sesame Cookies - Uji

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Escape the ordinary. Join us as we explore worlds near and far to bring you the uncommon. Welcome to Makabi & Sons

Makabi & Sons scour the globe to curate cookies imbued with flavors that honor local traditions and uphold universal appeal. Global and natural ingredients deliver everlasting and unforgettable tastes that transcend tastebuds, taking you on a journey to destinations both near and far. Delivered in hand-illustrated designer boxes, these treats are perfect for gift-giving to others or even oneself. Indulge in shortbread and raw infused jars of honey as an accompaniment to afternoon tea, a late-night snack, or an elegant and savory dessert.
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