In Greece we name “koulouraki” all the baked treats that somebody would call cookies.The braided version though is considered a classic.
Village women in Southern Greece and especially in the Sparta region of the Peloponnese, consider orange a key ingredient, surely affected by the intense fragrance arising from blossoming citrus groves in the area.

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Wheat flour (contains gluten), butter (contains milk) 25%, sugar, natural orange flavor 0,2%, baking powder [corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, trisodium diphosphate], natural vanilla flavor.


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Petit Grecs

Mini Koulouraki Orange Greek Handmade Butter Cookies

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Our Petits Grecs, our little Greek treats, incorporate our passion to introduce the beloved local home-baked creations to the world at large.

We have travelled throughout Greece selecting age-old recipes and with the help of renowned Greek chefs and pastry chefs we have come up with our own, original ones, which best represent their land of origin. Greece’s topography, history and cuisine are so diverse from place to place, so rich and unique, that every single part of the land can become an endless source of inspiration.
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