Buckwheat flour has regained the place of honor it had generations ago, since meeting the Marquisate, who has always preferred good natural ingredients to make his products. Pasta with buckwheat flour from the Marchesato offers all housewives the opportunity to make dishes from great chefs. The incredible taste of buckwheat pasta goes perfectly with any seasoning. The added value is offered by the Marchesato, with its organic flour and its recipe completely free of ingredients of animal origin.

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100% buckwheat organic flour*


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La Bonta Del Marchesato

Organic Buckwheat Pasta

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Marchesato offers naturally gluten-free products to offer those who want to follow a more informed diet with healthy and tasty food. The cereal or legume flours are pasta-made using traditional methods or proposed in purity to allow you to create delicious gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan recipes.
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