The spirit of Casa Bosques sets itself apart from the modern chocolate industry. Artisans at the Casa Bosques Atelier strive for elegant, raw, bold, unfussy avors for complex palettes, combining basic ingredients in small batches until the perfect chocolate is produced. Each avor prole is achieved by testing unique combinations of local ingredients sourced from México’s rich plant life. Casa Bosques’s avors are inspired by an appreciation for craftsmanship, and the idea that when the ingredients we use every day and the things we consume have in themselves become a work of art, then we shall be able to achieve a balanced life.

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Organic cacao bean, Pink Peppercorn , organic cane sugar


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Casa Bosques

Pink Peppercorn

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Casa Bosques is based on the exploration of the history, methods, origins, and culture of chocolate, designed every season by a collection of creative collaborations.

Sourced from small ranches throughout México, and primarily from a single smallholder ranch in the southern region of Pichucalco, Chiapas, Mexico, Casa Bosques’s rare and pure white “Criollo” cacao beans are single origin, organic, and fair trade; allowing close involvement every step of the way. From tree to bar in México, Casa Bosques crafts chocolate with the same care as the farmers tending the flora and harvesting each heirloom bean.
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