100% PLANTS. 0% PRESERVATIVES. Reimagining a classic Italian bitter without the sugar. Enlivening bitter-sweetness and lush, bright flavors join with the seductive and elegant complexity of heady floral and rare citrus aromatics. The rare flowers, herbs, and plants in Rose Bergamot have been used for centuries in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern folk medicine, to help cure a number of ailments. The key ingredients are thought to aid in recovery and vitality, help with stress management, improve mental clarity, and used as mood boosters. Rasāsvāda’s special brewing technique—applied to adaptogenic roots, fruits, and bitter barks— brings out core bitterness, bright flavors, and a smooth ‘mouth feeling,’ without any added sugar. A crimson hue and tangy-sweet tartness are added with the final infusion: quince, citrus peels, hibiscus, and the wafting mint of lemongrass. With mood and mind boosting properties, heart health and detoxification, Rose Bergamot delivers a balancing effect on the whole body. 100% plants. 0% preservatives. Refrigerate after opening.

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Purified Water Schisandra Berry White Ginseng Yuzu Peel Lemon Quince Hibiscus Grapefruit Peel Rose Petals Chinchona Bark Lemongrass Lime Peel Orange Peel Angelica Archangelica Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Steam Distilled) Bergamot Essential Oil (Steam Distilled)


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How to Use

Drink Rose Bergamot however you please, we suggest serving chilled, in a tall glass over ice with equal parts sparkling water. Garnish with lemon peel or grapefruit. Alternatively, check out one of our recipes on our website.


Rose Bergamot

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A modern take on an ancient restorative.

Rasāsvāda is a spirit restorative company empowering people to live in their present moment and grow from it. Like the city we're from, Rasāsvāda draws on the best of everywhere and every time. Be it revered, age-old practices of herbalism, tea rituals, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and infused tonic wines from China, or new innovations in wellness, we’re constantly scouring the globe to find more natural ways to offer restoration and enhance the present moment.
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