Seed & Shell's Salted Pistachio Nut Butter is enhanced with sea salt for a natural sweet & salty balanced palette. Our Salted Pistachio Butter is Made from 100% California-Grown Pistachios and made in the USA, and is naturally Vegan, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free with no added Sugars or Preservatives. Our Salted Pistachio Butter is minimally processed and fully shelf stable with a long shelf life, and is the newest nut butter alternative since almond butter. Our Salted Pistachio Butter is a better source of plant-based protein than almond butter or peanut butter and is the only nut butter that is a complete plant-based protein, like chickpeas or quinoa. Our Salted Pistachio Butter is a perfect snack or healthy breakfast option and has less calories than almond butter or peanut butter making it a perfect diet-friendly plant-based option. Our Salted Pistachio Butter is also a sustainable food with a lower carbon footprint than almond butter in support of our mission to Think Green.

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Dry Roasted Pistachios, Sea Salt


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Seed & Shell

Salted Pistachio Nut Butter

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Discover the nut butter you have been missing. Pistachio butter.

Seed & Shell is the leading natural pistachio nut butter on the market. Our pistachio nut butter that is vegan, healthy and high in protein.
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