Siete has healthy snacking in the bag. Their Grain-Free Tortilla Chips have the same great taste and texture as your favorite brands but are made with better ingredients such as gluten-free cassava flour, avocado oil, superfood chia seeds, and nutritional yeast.

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Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Chia Seed, Sea Salt



Please note that safety is our main priority. We require all brand partners to participate in recurrent verification processes to confirm existing information and actively report any updates to ingredients and/or production facilities. Please be sure to double check for certifications that satisfy your requirements, and read the product’s label when you receive it, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Sea Salt Grain Free Tortilla Chips

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Siete Family Foods is a mission-based company, and we're passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.

Siete all about getting back to basics. Co-founder Veronica needed to find healthier meals that wouldn't aggrivate her symptoms—so the Garza got to cooking from scratch. Enjoy healthy, grain-free staples with classic Mexican-American flavor.
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