Clusterbucks is a grain-free superfood granola made from sprouted buckwheat and lightly sweetened with low glycemic maple syrup. Each serving is rich in prebiotic fiber, adaptogens, and protein. 

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Sprouted Buckwheat Seeds*, Maple Syrup*, Pumpkin Seeds* Coconut Chips*, Cinnamon*, Flax Seed*, Cacao Butter*, Pure Vanilla Extract*, Maca Root Powder* sea salt


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Lil Bucks

Snickerdoodle Clusterbucks

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Lil Bucks is an Aussie-inspired, gluten-free, low sugar granola alternative made from sprouted buckwheat seeds.

It all started while enjoying a life-changing acai bowl by the beach in Sydney, Australia. The bowl had THE BEST taste and texture, and I felt amazing after eating it. Turns out the secret ingredient here, providing gluten-free protein, fiber, antioxidants, and that yummy crunch, was sprouted buckwheat! The Aussies love it. I became obsessed (obviously) and am on a mission to share the love of sprouted buckwheat with other crunch-lovin’, health-conscious cool cats, all-the-while promoting sustainable farming in the U.S.A. (buckwheat is a great rotating crop for soil health that can grow in poor nutrient soil). I launched Lil Bucks Sprouted Buckwheat in 2018 with three flavors: Cacao, Matcha and Original. My customers love using the seeds on smoothies, yogurt, toast, salads, chia pudding and they use them to make their own creations! In May 2019, we launched Clusterbucks, grain-free adaptogenic buckwheat clusters, with our first flavor being Chocolate Reishi and our newest one: Turmeric Lemon Myrtle. We're on a mission to improve soil health in North America by promoting the sustainable crop, buckwheat. We found a farm in Minnesota to purchase thousands of pounds of buckwheat!
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