The perfect blend of a rich-tasting broth made with coconut to give it a nice creamy texture highlighted by a spicy sweetness!

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Organic Rice Noodles (Organic Rice, Water), Organic Toasted Sesame Oil, Organic Freeze-Dried Chickpea Miso (Organic Rice, Koji Spores [Aspergillus Oryzae], Organic Whole Chickpeas, Sea Salt, Water), Coconut, Himalayan Pink Salt, Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast, Pumpkin Powder, Organic Roasted Garlic, Red Bell Pepper Powder, Lion'S Mane Mushroom Extract, Butternut Squash Powder, Ginger, Turmeric Powder, Cayenne. *Contains Coconut. Our Noodles Have Two Ingredients: Organic Rice & Water.



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Shaman Raman

Spicy Cosmo Coconut

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Shaman Raman's vision is to bring transformational foods and activate improved health for the world.

Our founders, inspired by health and wellness, studied, experimented, and researched the gut-brain connection - the impact of certain foods and additives on our health, immunity, and performance for many years. Understanding the causes of systemic inflammation became their obsession. Knowing that most convenient foods contain industrial ingredients, low mineral content, and often little to no real nutritional value, they set out to create a food brand highlighting the highest-vibrational ingredients that could be both convenient and nutritional on a much higher level than currently available in the food industry. Shaman Raman, our first offering, is shared with the intention of elevating the instant ramen category. In response to the world shift in self-care and a growing demand for organic nonengineered food, we are excited to share our creation of conscious convenience in a cup!
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