Don't let the green color fool you. Seed & Shell pistachio butter tastes nothing like your typical greens. Our pistachio nut butter has a rich, delicate flavor and is smooth with a natural hint of sweetness. And what makes it better? Our Pistachio butter has the most unique and delicious flavor of all the nut butters (It's not nutty like peanut butter or dry and chalky like almond butter). Seed & Shell Pistachio butter has a natural sweetness too, which means you can enjoy it without adding jam, honey, or other sweeteners. Bonus: Pistachio butter is green because it has the same plant compound found in other veggies, so you can get more of your daily greens by eating pistachio butter.

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Dry Roasted Pistachios


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Seed & Shell

Unsalted Pistachio Nut Butter

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Discover the nut butter you have been missing. Pistachio butter.

Seed & Shell is the leading natural pistachio nut butter on the market. Our pistachio nut butter that is vegan, healthy and high in protein.
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