Just like the best panna cotta, our Maple almond dip is sweet, creamy but never too heavy. Pairs perfectly with our sweet crips, pretzels, drizzled on pancakes or ice cream-- or right off of the spoon!

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Almond butter (roasted almonds), dehydrated date powder, coconut oil, maple extract, vanilla extract, salt


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Pairs perfectly with our sweet crisps, pretzels, drizzled on pancakes or ice cream-- or right off of the spoon!


Vanilla Maple Sweet Almond Dip

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FaroMia means "my lighthouse" in Italian, a guiding light for those looking for it. We are on a mission to fuel mindful moments with real food, for real life, through Mediterranean inspired snacking. We believe that food should do more than simply feed your body: it should also fuel your soul.

While there are plenty of plant-based snacks and dips on the market, most of them are not actually clean. FaroMia Foods creates clean, shelf-stable, plant-based snacks and dips, made only with ingredients you can pronounce and find in your kitchen. That's why FaroMia is: made with no refined sugar, Free from stabilizers, additives, and emulsifiers, Gluten-free and Vegan, Nut-based, but peanut free. We believe in the art of slowing down, and eating the way we want to live: with ease, with purpose, and with gratitude.
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