January Reset Guide


Just like that, the first week of January is done. After the roar of holiday celebrations and new years eve parties, it’s almost strange how the new year unfolds so quietly and unassumingly. It’s back to business as usual as meetings, errands, and life all resume their normal course. At the same time though, it can also feel like there’s this intense societal pressure to radically reinvent yourself. The internet is saturated with ways to adopt the optimal morning routine, transform your diet, or hack your productivity in the new year. And while none of these habits are inherently bad, the culture of creating such rigid resolutions can become limiting rather than liberating. Here at Basquet, we believe that treating your goals with compassion and flexibility is actually the secret ingredient to success. By being kind to yourself and striving for progress over perfection, you are much more likely to stay motivated and genuinely enjoy the journey. Goals are good, intentions are good, but they can never replace the essence of who you are. And if something isn’t working anymore, no one says you have to stick with it. There are no rules to this thing, so don’t impose such tight limitations on yourself. Give yourself the freedom to breathe. 

That being said, we still think that clean slates and fresh starts can be great motivators for the year ahead, so we’ve compiled our favorite ways to hit reset in the month of January. Pick one or pick them all. Modify and change it up as much as you want. Remember that these are just some suggestions to get you feeling inspired. Ultimately, you get to decide! 

Reset Guide: 

Reflect & Goal-Set: A classic for good reason. Reflecting on the past year is integral to identifying your goals for the new year. Give yourself the freedom to examine the previous year with honesty and vulnerability. What were the highest and lowest moments? What brought you joy? What were the most important lessons you learned?  All of these questions will help you discover your why which makes sticking to goals much easier. We find that it can be really helpful to pick one word as an intention that encompasses all of your goals. Throughout the course of the year, you can always return to this word to see if your life is in alignment with your intention. Grab a journal, and open up a can of Kin Bloom to get those creative juices flowing! 

Nourishment: There’s nothing like adding some new ingredients into your rotation to signal the start of a new chapter. How many times do we fall into a routine of cooking the same recipes out of familiarity and convenience? Changing up your plate is one of our favorite ways to break the spell of boredom and kick off the new year. Looking for some inspiration? Our Reset Collection has many unique meals and snacks that will rekindle your love of the kitchen. Here are our favorites from each category: 



    Movement: This one is impossible to ignore because the movement has such a big impact on how you feel, both physically and emotionally. This time of year there is a lot of chatter about fitness plans, but disclaimer - you don’t have to have an intense workout regimen to reap the benefits of physical activity! As long as you move and enjoy what you’re doing, your workout has served its purpose. Think about what activities you genuinely love and go after them. It’s really that simple. If you’re looking for some great pre or post-exercise nutrients, we’ve been loving the Owyn Vanilla Protein Powder for smoothies or the Owyn Dark Chocolate Protein Shake for on-the-go. For days when you need an extra boost of replenishment, opt for the Cure Hydration Main Squeeze Lemon Drink Mix that’s equally as restorative as it is delicious. 

    Have A Clean Space: A clean space is a clear mind. It’s hard to believe how something so simple can be so connected to your thoughts, but it’s true. When your belongings are scattered, so is your brain. One of the best ways to start fresh in the new year is to declutter your home. After your physical space is in order, you can take it a step further by tidying up your digital space too. Spend some time going through your devices and deleting anything that you no longer need - emails, apps, old accounts. Unsubscribe to whatever you’re no longer using, and unfollow whoever takes away your peace. Treat yourself to Blume’s Turmeric Blend after your cleaning session, and enjoy the freshness of your newly organized space!  

      Reset Your Sleep Schedule: No other time of the year alters our sleep schedules like the holiday season. Between so many parties, events, and gatherings in December, it becomes so hard to hit the pillow at the same time each night. That’s why January is the perfect month to build some consistency into your night time routine. Start winding down an hour before your target snooze time with the Ora Organics Sleep and Stress Support Supplement and Numi’s Herb Moroccan Mint Tea. In the morning, rise gently with Bluestone Lane’s Sweater Weather Blend Coffee or Blume’s Matcha Coconut Blend. Your body and brain will thank you! 


        About the Author: Andreina Pardey. Andreina is the lead blog contributor at Basquet. She is a storyteller at heart, passionate about understanding people and the things that connect them. You can find her exploring new restaurants, listening to live music, or at her favorite bookstore when she's not writing. Connect with her on LinkedIn.